Development Programme

There are a number of specific things we offer to help members become a successful angler. The cast is the first step and that is why we offer a monthly clinic. The fishing group is open to all those that have attained basic casting skills and we offer workshops at various times around other skills essential for a successful day on the water.


Casting Clinic

Become a competent fly caster

Casting clinics are held for novice and intermediate members monthly the same week as club night subject to demand. This is an opportunity to develop your skills. Usually you will receive one on one tuition from experienced anglers.

Once you have basic casting skills, you can progress to the Buddy Programme and put your skills to work and catch a fish on a day out fishing.

Fishing Buddy Group

Go fishing with an experienced angler

Going fishing with an experienced angler is an important part of the development opportunities we offer to our members. An experienced angler will take you fishing a few times specifically with a view to assisting you with the basics of trout fishing including set up, fly selection, reading the water and hopefully playing and landing a fish.


It is essential that you have achieved basic casting skills to make the most of this. We can assist you with casting skills through our regular casting clinics. Once you have attained basic casting skills check with your instructor that you are ready to join our fishing group, then an experienced angler or anglers will take you fishing.


Develop your fly fishing skills and increase your catch rate

At various times we offer workshops designed specifically around an angling skill. This may be general information for novices or a particular style of fishing such as Dry Fly or Czech Nymphing. We also include such things as water safety and will utilise our own members or bring in specialist people. 


For new members and novice anglers this will assist you with everything you need to know including gear selection, knots, finding trout, casting, rod set up, wading and much more.


These events will always be listed on our website and discussed at club nights. We usually require a minimum number of people before we will run them.

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